Liberty Leaders - 7 Habits of "Becoming a Liberty Leader"

Liberty Elementary students are introduced to the 7 Habits of “Becoming a Liberty Leader”, based upon The 7 Habits of Happy Kids®, by Sean Covey. Through the 7 Habits program students are taught how to become a leader by doing the right thing.

Habit 2 - Plan Ahead - Begin With the End in Mind

Have a plan. Think about the end and set goals to get there. Do the things that have meaning and make a difference. You are an important part of the classroom. Look for ways to be a good citizen.

Habit 3 - Taking Care of Business - Put First Things First

Focus on the things that are important. Say no to the things you know you should not do. Set priorities, make a schedule and follow your plan. Stay disciplined and organized.

Habit 4 - Be a Problem Solver - Think Win-Win

Think about others as well as yourself. When conflicts arise, look for alternative choices. Make deposits in others emotional bank accounts.

Habit 5 - Listening Ears - Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

Listen before you talk. Try to see others viewpoints. Listen to others without interrupting. Be confident when voicing you ides. Look others in the eye while talking.

Habit 6 - Teamwork - Synergize

Work together as a team. Seek out others ideas to solve problems. Be humble.

Habit 7 - Balancing Act - Sharpen the Saw

Take care of your body, eat right, exercise and get plenty of rest. Spend time with your family and friends. Find meaningful ways to help others.