Mrs. Pack, M.Ed.

Eastside School Counselor

The mission of the Eastside School Counseling Program is to promote being an Upstander and to help kids become better students. The goal of the program is to provide leadership opportunities through the Leadership program and provide skills building for academic, social/emotional, and career development. Counseling services are provided through classroom guidance, group problem solving meetings, individual, and group counseling. The school counselor is a resource for the family for any concerns or questions.

Bullying Prevention:

Mrs. Pack is a bullying prevention specialist through the American School Counseling Association. During counseling students learn how to problem solve, demonstrate leadership, and be an UPstander. Students learn skills and confidence with how to respond, report, and refuse to engage in unkind behaviors. Mrs. Pack is here to support every child and encourages all of the students to participate in the friendship making programs.

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Pack at mpack@sallisawps.org or 918-775-9491.

“We all work together to create a safe, caring, and respectful environment.”