Jessica Barlow

Welcome to the Counselor’s Corner! My name is Jessica Barlow and this will be my seventh year at Liberty Elementary as a school counselor. I graduated with my Masters in Education from Northeastern State University in 2011 and have worked in the clinical setting as a BHRS (Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Specialist) counselor.

Liberty Elementary’s school counseling program offers many resources and tools for your child’s academic and emotional needs. School-wide, your child will receive character education lessons which are based on our “7 Habits for Becoming a Liberty Leader”. These lessons are taught throughout the school year in the classroom.

In our Liberty Leader program we recognize students who display the habits that we teach. We do this through a leadership reward program where students earn brag tags. Brag tags are necklaces that students wear that display tags that show what good choices they are making. All students wear these necklaces at our Rise and Shine assemblies. We also recognize students in our Liberty Leader awards assemblies.

The school counseling program offers more than just guidance lessons. If your child needs more one-on-one guidance to learn specific skills, small group sessions are held in my office to teach students in different areas. The areas that are addressed in small groups are feeling management, social skills, focusing/impulse control and character education. These groups are a fun way for children to express themselves and to learn different skills to help them socially and emotionally. If you would like your child to participate in these groups please contact me and we will get them in the right group.

Some students have other areas of need that would be better provided individually. I provide individual counseling sessions for students for all types of different needs. I can also assist parents with resources and referral information if a student needs to be referred to an outside counseling agency for more intensive counseling.

At Liberty, we want our parents to know that we are here to help in any way we can. If you need resources to help your child or family we can provide those to you. Below are some helpful links for parents and their children.

  • www.parenttoolkit.com – Gives ideas and tips to help students with academics, health and wellness, and social development
  • www.behaviordoctor.org – Provides parents with interventions and more information about different types of behaviors and needs 
  • fcs.okstate.edu – Provides information on different types of classes for families and parents in Sallisaw.

If you need to talk more about your child’s academic/emotional development or needs please contact me at 918-775-4741. I am excited for the year ahead and helping students become Liberty Leaders!

New Student Enrollment-Please bring the following information

  • Birth Certificate
  • Shot Record
  • Proof of Residency
  • CDIB card